A lovable little Jack Russell is searching for a forever family to help him as he recovers from surgery.

Tyson is a friendly and affectionate five-year-old Terrier cross who is up for adoption at Dogs Trust Snetterton.

He had spinal surgery last year and now must have daily physio and hydrotherapy sessions to try to recover the use of his back legs.

Eastern Daily Press: Tyson needs daily physio sessions to help regain strengthTyson needs daily physio sessions to help regain strength (Image: Dogs Trust)

Tyson is eagerly seeking a home with somebody who understands the importance of his recovery plan.

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A Dogs Trust spokeswoman said he has "stolen the hearts of everyone at Snetterton" and urged that despite his condition he will be a "rewarding" addition to his new home.

Tyson loves cuddles and sitting on the lap of his favourite people but is also happy spending time with his puppy pals.

Although his condition means he struggles walking too far, Tyson is content being carried, so he won't have to miss out on any family trips. 

He would love a home with a garden where he can continue his physio sessions.

He could potentially live with another calm, similar-sized dog but any children in the home must be of older primary school age.