A councillor facing allegations of misconduct has stormed out of a hearing being conducted in secret claiming it is being carried out "unlawfully".

Simon Nash left the West Norfolk Council meeting after less than 30 minutes when the panel refused his request for his two representatives to sit in on the discussions.

They met on Thursday to hear the findings of an investigation into his conduct which is believed to be related to correspondence between him and senior officers and other councillors.

Eastern Daily Press: The conduct hearing at West Norfolk Council is continuing despite Stuart Nash storming outThe conduct hearing at West Norfolk Council is continuing despite Stuart Nash storming out (Image: BCKLWN)

He claimed the two men, who were brought along as legal advisors, should be allowed to remain at the hearing to not impinge on his right to a fair trial.

He highlighted Article 6 in the Local Government Association's guidance for council hearings, which states it must follow the obligations enshrined in law under the Human Rights Act.

He argued if they were dismissed it would diminish his defence but the panel voted to exclude them as they "did not consider it appropriate" and it was necessary to protect confidential information from being exposed to the public.

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Eastern Daily Press: The West Norfolk Council officesThe West Norfolk Council offices (Image: Archant � 2007)

Following this, Mr Nash, who has represented West Winch since 2019, walked out saying he will consider any decisions made "unlawful" due to his representatives not being able to stay.

The meeting has continued in his absence and will be held in secrecy after panel members voted to exclude the press and public.

This follows requests by both Mr Nash and this paper for the meeting to be held publically.

The decision for it to be held in private was due to the hearing disclosing exempt information relating to individuals not present at the meeting and who would not have the ability to defend themselves.

Following Mr Nash's walkout, he will not be able to defend himself either at the hearing.