A rescue dog who “waddled instead of walked” has lost a staggering 10kg after ditching his high-calorie diet. 

James the six-year-old labrador tipped the scales at a hefty 45kg when his owner Nicola Mark took him to Uplands Way Vets in Bressingham. 

At his previous home, James would eat three meals a day munching down on chicken and rice while having little exercise. 

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Eastern Daily Press: James before his weight loss at 45kgJames before his weight loss at 45kg (Image: VetPartners)

“James was grossly overweight and I knew I had to do something for his health – he waddled instead of walking and he couldn’t play or run,” Mrs Mark said. “It was like he was old before his time.” 

James’ weight had started to affect his health and he was struggling to get up after lying down. 

After a trip to the vets, James started a new fitness regime which included a healthy diet and more exercise.  

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Eastern Daily Press: James after the weight loss with his certificateJames after the weight loss with his certificate (Image: VetPartners)

The yellow labrador now weighs 34kg after losing more than 10kg. 

Emily Philpot, head nurse at Uplands Way Vets, added: "I’m very proud of James and Mrs Mark for following the diet plan successfully and James looks so different, it’s hard to believe he is the same dog.

“His weight loss was achieved safely by working out how much food a dog of his size needs to provide the right amount of calories and nutrients."