It is a crime that sees thousands of people suffer in silence for years – and even decades. 

Now, the Norfolk-based charity Sue Lambert Trust wants to put a stop to the silence faced by those who have experienced sexual abuse and violence. 

The charity has launched a 24-hour sponsored silence challenge to raise funds to provide specialist counselling sessions and support services. 

Clive Evans, chief executive, wants individuals and groups to take on the challenge to help raise awareness of the devastating impact.

He said: “Sexual abuse and sexual violence devastates lives and is a crime that silences so many. It is never okay. 

“We want survivors to know that no matter how long they have been suffering in silence, whether the abuse or attack happened a year ago, in childhood or decades has passed, when you feel ready to talk, we are ready to hear and believe you.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Clive EvansClive Evans (Image: Plain Speaking PR)

For 40 years, Sue Lambert Trust has been supporting individuals and currently sees around 250 people every week for one-to-one counselling sessions and group support services. 

It also helps people with additional matters such as housing, finances, health, and wellbeing.  

As demand continues to grow, it is hoped that through this new fundraiser it can raise £7,500 to support up to 150 hours of vital specialist counselling. 

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"At the end of their therapy journey with us, many clients say they wish they’d spoken up sooner,” Mr Evans added.  

“Our counselling and support services enable and empower people to go on to live happier, more fulfilled lives, and everyone deserves that chance. 

“Please sign up for the ‘Go Silent for Sue Lambert Trust’ challenge knowing that the money you raise will help give people in Norfolk a voice.” 

‘Go Silent for Sue Lambert Trust’ coincides with Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week on February 5-11.