A Norfolk chef has been knocked out of Masterchef: The Professionals.

Tristan Esse, 26, grew up on a farm in Stow Bardolph, near King's Lynn, and was making strides in the BBC competition for his dairy-free cooking.

He is a private chef working for various clients around the world but was eliminated from the show that aired on BBC One on Monday night.

Eastern Daily Press: The flavours of Tristan's pan roasted venison did not work for the judges

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Tristan cooked pan-roasted venison fillet with king oyster mushrooms, deep-fried purple potatoes with pine nut and orange-dressed baby artichokes.

However, his inventive flavour combinations were met with criticism from the judges as they felt the dish did not work and that he may need to go back to the drawing board.

He said: "They clearly didn't like the combinations - which I understand.

"I tried something and it didn't work so on to the next one."

After not making it through the first round for their savoury dishes, the remaining chefs were given another chance to secure their place in the competition by making a dessert.

Eastern Daily Press: His profiteroles ended up being too soggy for the judges

Tristan focused on his non-dairy cooking throughout the show and he continued the trend with his final dish being dairy-free profiteroles stuffed with oat milk crème pâtissière sat on a bed of lemon stewed strawberries.

However, judge Greg Wallace was disappointed with his dish and said it ended up being really soggy.

After leaving the competition, Tristan said: "I had a bad day.

"Overall it's been really rewarding, exciting and just great fun.

"I would recommend it to any chef."