In Norman times, the city of Norwich was the second most important in the UK after London. 

Now it has been highlighted as a city of historical importance to connect the study of Norman migration to other sites around Europe.    

Expert Fabrizio Di Salvo is calling for Norwich to be included in a new group called the Euro-Mediterranean Federation (EMF). 

It comes following a special conference that was held last month in Sicily, Italy, involving scholars and groups from across the globe including UNESCO. 

Eastern Daily Press: Costumed characters and fighting knights at Norwich Castle for the Celebrating Norman Connections

In 2012, Norwich was named as England's first City of Literature by the UNESCO. 

Mr Di Salvo said: “Norwich and Norfolk, have caught my attention due to the sheer amount of Norman structures. 

“The cathedral there, I know was built by Herbert de Losinga and is one of the most complete Normal structures in Europe, not to mention Norwich Castle established by William the Conqueror.  

“It would be great to even consider hosting the next event there especially due the welcoming nature of its inhabitants.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Herbert De Losinga in stained glass at Norwich Cathedral