Three Norfolk locations will feature in the final episode of a six-part series exploring the county. 

Norfolk and Suffolk: Country and Coast, narrated by Bill Nighy, features locals living and working across both Norfolk and Suffolk. 

The final episode of the series, airing at 8pm on Wednesday on Channel Five, begins in Great Yarmouth. 

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The Golden Mile of the seafront will be explored in the programme as viewers are shown the morning inspections of the 91-year-old wooden rollercoaster at the Pleasure Beach.

The episode also features a pair of rangers on the Norfolk Broads who have the difficult task of keeping tourism and nature in harmony on what are Britain's largest protected wetlands. 

Finally, the programme will take a look at an iron horse steam engine on the Mid-Norfolk Railway which runs between Dereham and Wymondham. 

The heritage line is one of the longest of its kind in Great Britain. 

Also featured in the final episode will be Newmarket, the River Waveney, and Thorpeness in Suffolk.