A much-loved BBC Radio Norfolk presenter has announced he will be stepping down as host of his show. 

Ray Clark announced that he will be leaving his Sunday evening show that is broadcast from 6pm to 8pm across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

Posting on social media, Mr Clark said he does not want to give up his "successful and popular" regional show but was left with no choice amid the uncertainty of his future. 

He said: "I heard a year ago that changes would affect my BBC shows. Since final dates have been moved and been changed with little notice.

"Still with no certainty about final dates, I am taking control."

It comes after former BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show host Luke Deal paid an emotional goodbye to his listeners at the beginning of the month.  

The changes are part of a major shake-up at BBC local radio

Mr Clark added: "Of course I don't want to give up a successful and popular regional BBC show, but to be told you finish in January, no March, no June, no perhaps October is cruel and unfair. So, I've decided I'll finish October 8.

"Thank you for listening."

The veteran presenter will continue with his show on Radio Caroline.