It was once the towering sculptures which attracted visitors but now rides are also pulling in the punters at the Roarr! dinosaur park.

Bosses at Norfolk's family-run dinosaur attraction, in Lenwade, have invested half a million pounds on its first mechanical rides, the Swing-O-Saurus and Raptor Contraptor, which have recently opened.

Eastern Daily Press: Roarr! based at LenwadeRoarr! based at Lenwade (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)

Sat in the shadows of the Sky Trail high ropes attraction, the Raptor Contraptor gives passengers, who are paired in twos, the thrill of feeling like they are flying something like a pterodactyl.

Eastern Daily Press: The Raptor ContraptorThe Raptor Contraptor (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)

Riders are also in control as they help to move the ride up or down by peddling as they swoop and fly through the sky on the new attraction.

Eastern Daily Press: The Raptor ContraptorThe Raptor Contraptor (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)

Also new is the nearby Swing-O-Saurus, like a small-scale pirate ship, which moves back and forwards but at a gentle pace, meaning it is more than suitable for young explorers not yet ready for white knuckle rides.

Eastern Daily Press: Swing-O-SaurusSwing-O-Saurus (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)

Accompanying me to try out the new attractions at the park, which also includes a new live stage show, were my three daughters.

My eight-year-old said: "I loved the rides, especially the pedal one because the more we peddled the higher we went up in the air."

Eastern Daily Press: My children enjoying the new rides at Roarr!My children enjoying the new rides at Roarr! (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)

The new-look park was also a hit with my 11-year-old, who said: "I really liked the new rides and that parents can come on too."

My eldest daughter, 14, said: "Even though the new rides aren't big rides, it's good to see that every time we go back there are changes and improvements to the park."

As well as its two new attractions, the park's first-ever mechanical rides, bosses have also spent £400,000 on rejuvenating the 813m Valley of the Dinosaurs area

Adam Goymour, park director, said: "We have added not one but two dinosaur-themed rides which are sure to be a real hit with our families.

"These rides are the first element of our all-new Discovery Land, which we will be developing further over the next few years.”

It is exciting times for the park which next year will be adding a Gigantosaurus-themed track ride to whet visitors’ appetites ahead of the creation of the fully themed land.