Plans to extend a beach-side property have been turned down after a flood of objections.

A developer named in planning papers as R Sehgal applied to add an extra storey to Brincliffe, which stands on a private road on the South Beach at Heacham.

But 13 neighbours objected. Leah Stirling said the extension would create "a jarring visual eyesore".

Clare Rooth said the current building was in keeping with its surroundings, but the extension would "stick out like a sore thumb".

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Lily Stirling said: "I have stayed on South Beach Heacham every summer since I was born and am so upset at the possibility of this monstrosity being built."

Paul Bland said the area had a unique character, adding: "The area has a unique historic appearance that must be maintained for the enjoyment of existing and future inhabitants."

Elizabeth Edwards said: "The present dwelling is 4.4m high. This further application states that the new build will be 6.75m high thus dwarfing the properties on either side."

West Norfolk council planning officers have turned down the application.