Get carried away by the tunes and melodies of homegrown talent with the live music programme, organised by Norfolk Music Hub.

Led by Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Music Hub is a partnership of organisations committed to the highest quality of music education for children and young people across the county.

The partnership between Norfolk Music Hub and the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA) offers high-quality progression opportunities, mass participation extravaganzas and a yearlong programme of activity, enabling Norfolk’s young people to get involved in performance opportunities like no other.

At the Royal Norfolk Show, you can feast your ears on the gorgeous sounds from local acts, seasoned musicians, school singers and organisations across three stages and the Grand Ring.

Eastern Daily Press: Alison Brain, head of Norfolk Music Hub Alison Brain, head of Norfolk Music Hub (Image: Norfolk Music Hub)

“This year, on top of our mix of school ensembles, choirs and bands, we have a couple of largescale events taking place in The Grand Ring,” says Norfolk Music Hub head Alison Brain.

The first is the Grand Sing with Gareth Malone at 12.20pm on Wednesday, June 28, featuring young people from all corners of the county coming together in song for an epic celebration like no other.

“We are so excited to be working with Gareth Malone and launching our Everyone a Singer campaign,” says Alison. “A specially selected programme has been put together for the event including an extra special version of ‘Flourish Song – We are Norfolk’, which has been written and composed by the young people of Norfolk themselves and will be premiered in its entirety at this year’s show.”

The second largescale event is Bucket Beats XL, which will see 3,000 young people coming together at 1.05pm on Thursday, June 29, attempting to break the record for the largest percussion ensemble using recyclable materials.

“It is certainly not to be missed!” Alison says.

The new Sunset and Sundowners Sessions will offer a relaxed atmosphere on one stage and more of a party feel on the other.

“I have been completely bowled over at the quality of music-making that has been taking place in rehearsal for this year’s show,” Alison says. “The standard just keeps improving year on year and the dedication of our performers is truly inspirational.

“Please take some time out of your day to join us in the Grand Ring, explore the bandstand or take in the atmosphere at one of our evening stages. We would love to see you there – and definitely bring rapturous applause!”

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Wednesday, June 28

Bandstand Stage

10am Notre Dame Wind Band and Jazz

11am Springwood High School

12pm Wymondham Jazz

1pm Norwich School

2pm Wymondham Concert

2.30PM Church Service

3pm Norwich School

4pm NMS School Wind Band

5pm NMS Jazz

Acoustic Stage

10am Springwood Piano Soloists

11am APHS

12pm Airmail Duo

1pm Missing Coda

1.30pm Lynn Grove Singers

2.30pm NMS Improv Band

3pm Mapel Ward

3.30pm Jaycee

School Stage

9.30am Tacolneston Primary

10am Springwood High School Choir

10.30am Flegg High

11am Lynn Grove

11.30am Thetford Academy (Sarcasm)

12pm Grove Primary

12.30pm Fakenham Academy

1pm Hopton Primary

1.30pm St Clement’s Singers

2pm Ormesby Village Junior School

2.30pm St Mary’s Endowed VA CE Primary School

3pm St. Nicholas Priory Song School

3.30pm Notre Dame Choir

Sundowners Stage

4pm Ronan

5pm Ronan

6pm Kitty May

7pm Kitty May

Sunset Stage

4pm Morgan’s Academy of Dance

5pm Fraser Morgan and the Great Catastrophes

6pm Lara Price Band


Thursday, June 29

Bandstand Stage

10am Nicholas Hamond

11am Wymondham Concert

12pm Wymondham Jazz

1pm Bucket Beats XL in the Grand Ring

1.45pm Langley Ensemble

2.15pm Royal Norfolk Show March

2.30pm Langley Ensemble

3pm Rock Choir

4pm NMS Flute Ensemble

4.30pm Aylsham Ensemble

Acoustic Stage

10am Jena Kitcher

11am Karolina Reu

11.30am Majic

12.30pm Ben Denny Mo

1.30pm Maple Ward

2pm Amy A

3pm Erin Elizaa

School Stage

9.30am Morley Primary

10am Beeston Hall

10.30am Thomas Bullock

11am Alpington and Bergh Apton

11.30am Norwich Road Academy

12pm Invidia Voices

12.30pm Cromer Academy

1pm Long Stratton High School

1.30pm Bucket Beats XL in the Grand Ring

2pm Filby Primary

2.30pm JGM Choir

3pm Drake

3.30pm St Augustine’s Primary

4pm Robert Kett Primary

4.30pm Wham Theatre Schools

Programming and timings subject to change