Swedish workwear manufacturer Fristads continues to lead the way in sustainability by launching its second environmentally declared high-visibility collection.

The Fristads Green High Visibility collections make it possible for professional workers within utilities, building and construction, transport, marine and logistics to dress in high-visibility garments with lower environmental impact – without compromising on safety or quality.

“It is great to be able to launch two environmentally declared high-visibility collections in the same year,” said managing director David Snelling. “These are the most comprehensive sustainably produced collections in Fristads’ range so far.”

While the Fristads GPLU collection, launched last year, is made of organic cotton and polyester from recycled PET bottles, the new Fristads GSTP collection is made with full four-way stretch from bio-based and recycled materials, making it ideal for workers in the energy sector.

Pioneering sustainability

Fristads broke new ground when it launched the world’s first environmentally declared clothing collection Fristads Green. All Fristads Green products have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) showing the garment’s total impact on the environment – from construction and material choices to waste and transports.

“I’m proud that we are the first company that now can offer more sustainable workwear to this large and important group of professional users, and that we continue to work with such a transparent tool as the EPD, showing the garments’ total impact on the environment,” said CEO Anders Hülse. “Good work clothes should protect people, but not at the unnecessary expense of the environment.”

The Fristads Green concept has been expanded to include garments for service and industry as well as outer garments. The plan is to offer environmentally declared Fristads Green garments in all product segments.

Fristads is the only workwear brand that can calculate environmental savings in energy and water consumption for its garments with EPD certification. Its GREEN Calculator allows the user to work out their savings and record this as an action towards carbon reduction targets in their business.

To see how much C02 and water you can save by using Fristads garments, check out the calculator at fristads.com/en-gb/fristads-green-calculator