A man hid a brick in a wheelie bin after using it to break the window of the home where his ex-partner lived, a court has heard.

Gareth Townsend, 48, of Poppy Street, Wymondham, appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 28, where he pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Prosecuting, Paul Brown said Townsend, who has paranoid schizophrenia, broke the window of the property close to his home on October 18, 2022.

The house, built by Flagship Homes, was owned by his then ex-partner and the couple had recently ended their relationship at the time of the offence. They are now back together.

Mr Brown said: "They had broken up due to issues in their relationship.

"At 5.30pm that day she sat in her living room to watch television and then heard a bang.

"At first she thought her washing machine had exploded but then saw a brick had gone through the window.

"She did not see who smashed the window but fortunately another witness did."

Mr Brown added that Townsend admitted to being intoxicated when he threw the brick, when interviewed by the police during which time he fully admitted to the crime.

"He wanted to be finished with her. He took the brick away from the scene to hide it and put it in a wheelie bin. He did it out of anger," he said.

Mitigating, Lucy Brakewell said previous to the offence the victim had made an unpleasant allegation against Townsend but no further action was taken.

She added: "He knows it was wrong. At the time his medication was lowered but now it has gone up again."

Sara Cator, chairman of the bench, ordered Townsend to pay £170.16 in compensation to Flagship Homes and a two-year conditional discharge.

After the sentence, Townsend said: "That is fair play. I smashed the window so I'll pay for it."