Consumer experts have revealed which food items have seen the highest price rises over the last year as food inflation jumped to record levels.

Research from Which? found that Utterly Butterly spread went up by 95% across major supermarkets in 2022, while overall food prices rose by 15% in December.

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Dairy items saw some of the highest rises, with butter and spread rising by almost 30%, milk rising by more than 26% and cheese increasing by 22%.

Across all supermarkets, own-brand and budget items rose by a higher percentage than premium brands.

Eastern Daily Press:

Sue Davies, Which? head of food policy, said: “Some households are already skipping meals to make ends meet and our findings show trust in supermarkets taking a hit as many people worry they are putting profits before the people suffering during this cost of living crisis.

“Supermarkets must do more, Which? is calling for them to ensure everyone has easy access to basic, affordable food ranges at a store near them, particularly in areas where people are most in need, as well as pricing which enables people to easily work out best value and promotions to support people who are particularly struggling.”

These are the groceries that have seen their prices soar in the last year according to Which?

  • Butters and spreads – 29.4% rise
  • Milk – 26.3% rise
  • Cheese – 22.3% rise
  • Bakery – 19.5% rise
  • Water – 18.6% rise
  • Savoury pies – 18.5% rise
  • Yoghurts - 17.3% rise
  • Cakes – 16.4% rise
  • Biscuits – 14.9% rise
  • Carbonates – 14.9% rise
  • Crisps – 13.7% rise
  • Fish – 13.5% rise
  • Chilled ready meals – 13.3% rise
  • Cereals – 12.9% rise
  • Meat – 12.5% rise
  • Juice – 12% rise
  • Vegetables – 11.1% rise
  • Energy drinks – 11% rise
  • Fresh fruit – 6.8% rise
  • Chocolate – 6.5% rise