Customers have been left in tears as a family-run furniture business announced it was closing after 35 years.

Kerri's Farmhouse Pine began as a furniture company in Hainford in 1987 before opening at Reepham at the Old Railway Station in 1994.

The business was started by Peter Goodson and taken over by his children Scott and Kerri who have been joined over the years by their children.

Eastern Daily Press: The gift and homeware section of the shopThe gift and homeware section of the shop (Image: Archant)

Now, they are ceasing furniture production due to rising costs and changing consumer behaviour.

The gifts and homeware portion of the farmhouse will remain open.

Director Scott Goodson said: "We've been reducing the furniture production for some time. We wanted to keep it going as long as we could.

"But we employ 12 people who have been with us for 20 years and the risk of not being able to pay them is too much.

Eastern Daily Press: Kerri's Farmhouse Pine started as a furniture companyKerri's Farmhouse Pine started as a furniture company (Image: Archant)

"The price of timber has risen by probably 200pc since the pandemic and electricity has gone up about 100pc so we can't produce furniture at a fair price for customers.

"We survived the recession in 2008 but we can't do this one."

He also noted how the cost of living crisis has affected customers' purchasing habits.

"From April to June we saw such a shift and it really dramatically affected us," he said

Eastern Daily Press: Kerri and Scott, directors Kerri's Farmhouse PineKerri and Scott, directors Kerri's Farmhouse Pine (Image: Archant)

"We held a pop-up market in April and the other market holders noticed it too.

"The cost of living crisis means people can barely afford to heat their homes let alone buy a non-essential coffee table.

"And that's the really sad part - that we will lose so many small businesses. People will be forced to buy cheap plastic products at a time when what they need is good quality stuff to last.

Eastern Daily Press: A Christmas display at Kerri's Farmhouse PineA Christmas display at Kerri's Farmhouse Pine (Image: Archant)

"What we make are the antiques of the future. We've had customers in tears because of the news.

"We want to thank all of our carpentry team for their dedication and loyalty to this business, especially over the last few years with all of the unprecedented challenges we have faced.

"We also want to thank our customers past and present for their unwavering support and we hope to see them all again soon."

Eastern Daily Press: Kerri's Farmhouse Pine in ReephamKerri's Farmhouse Pine in Reepham (Image: Archant)

Kerri's Farmhouse Pine is also well known for its attached homeware and gift shop which gets lots of visitors during the festive season for its Christmas displays.

This portion of the shop will remain open and the other businesses on the site are unaffected by the decision.

Any furniture that remains is being sold in-store and online.