A coronavirus patient has warned residents that the pandemic “is not a joke” from his hospital bed during a Facebook live stream.

Brian Tawn from Wisbech broadcast live from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn this morning (January 11) and issued a stark warning to the world.

With more than 7,000 viewers tuned in, Mr Tawn urged people to take the virus seriously and follow the rules from his bed on the Gayton Covid-19 ward.

“Just to point out to all those that think [coronavirus] is a hoax, that don't believe in it, the people who don't think it necessary to wear a mask, to keep socially distance and don't feel the need to keep separated from other people in shops - this is the real world,” he said.

Mr Tawn – who had reportedly been housebound for several weeks with his 75-year-old wife – shared the video into the Wisbech Free Discussion Forum on Facebook.

Eastern Daily Press: Mr Tawn speaking to 7,000 viewers.Mr Tawn speaking to 7,000 viewers. (Image: Facebook)

He said: “Next to me and just across from me are two people breathing with the aid of oxygen masks.

“I'm lucky I don't need such things, not at the moment and hopefully not at all - it is not a joke.

“Take precautions against it, you can't afford to go mixing in big groups it spreads so easily.”

Mr Tawn goes on to explain that he and his wife have been self-isolating since March and have only been out of the house to collect their Tesco shopping.

His live Facebook stream has almost been shared 100 times across the social networking site and has received over 180 reactions online.

“Now I'm in hospital with covid, I didn't come in with covid I must admit, I just happened to have a routine test and I came up positive,” he added.

Eastern Daily Press: He pulled his mask down to speak to his camera.He pulled his mask down to speak to his camera. (Image: Facebook)

“So think on, if you are young and fit and having a jolly good time mixing with your mates - go round your granddad's he might not be quite so lucky when go and visit him.

“Take care look after yourselves and most of all look after the members of your family because they might be the ones who end up in here not lazing back chatting on a video like me but instead be like the chap just across the corridor struggling to breath through an oxygen mask - he is not good.

“So take good care of yourselves, be happy, be of good cheer and be kind.”